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First Class Additions offers two types of indoor car cover:


A) Universal Supertex car covers

B) Tailor made car covers




A) Universal Supertex car cover:









The material "Supertex" has been specially developed by First Class Additions and is used exclusively for our car and motorbike covers. Thanks to the unique combination of three different layers it meets all the requirements of a good cover:



the inner layer is an extremely soft, non-scratch lining

the middle layer is a microperforated material ensuring breathability

the outer layer makes the cover dirt and dust proof and UV resistant, and provides a tough, water repellent finish.



The three layers are bonded, giving the material extra strength.


Supertex is popular for indoor use, but thanks to its water repellent properties it can also be used in a carport.



Main properties of Supertex car covers:



optimum fit (available in +/- 25 different sizes and models!)


very soft inner lining

dust proof

water repellent

UV resistant

elastic hems front and rear

available in three different colours

best price/quality rating






B) Tailor made car cover


This cover is made to fit the specific car model exactly; the line and shape of your car remain visible. Because they are made individually and by hand they are inevitably more expensive.




Main properties of the tailor made cover:


perfect fit


soft inner lining

available in many colours



For more information, prices and delivery please contact the distributor for your region.