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First Class Additions offer two ranges of outdoor car covers:


A)   Full car covers in Moltex

B)   Top covers which protect only the convertible top









A)   Outdoor covers in Moltex


A combination of five different layers makes Moltex waterproof yet breathable, strong yet soft, in other words, the perfect combination to protect your car from the elements.




Although it is the combination of the five layers of material that gives Moltex its unique characteristics, the function of the individual layers may be explained as follows:




1: Provides a soft and smooth inner lining.

2: A thick fleece which helps absorb any light knocks and bumps, for extra protection of the vehicle.

3: A strong and thick layer, bonding
layer 3 and 4 together.

4: This unique micro-perforated layer makes the material waterproof yet breathable.

5: This robust and UV-resistant layer in a neutral light grey colour is the finishing touch of Moltex.






The five layers are ultrasonically welded together, creating the ideal material for outdoor car covers: MOLTEX!





Main properties of Moltex car covers





very soft inner lining

UV resistant


excellent fit (available in +/- 25 different models and sizes!)

elastic hems front and rear

2 extra straps to tighten and secure the cover under the car











B)   Top covers


Top covers are mainly used to protect convertible roofs from rain, bird droppings, tree droppings, UV etc., and to prevent leaks.



Our top covers are made of Softbond, a similar material to Moltex. They are:





UV resistant

available in different shapes/sizes

smooth inside so they won't come off on the roof

provided with straps to keep the cover in place even in strong winds



For more information, prices and delivery please contact the distributor for your region.