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With a specially designed storage system you can protect your car or motorbike from moisture and dirt. As we explain in Fact & Fiction, a car or bike cover cannot prevent condensation, but certain storage systems can.




Condensation is the worst enemy of any stored or unused vehicle, causing rust damage on paint, metal and electrical parts, and musty upholstery. Condensation is caused by temperature differences and can occur indoors as well as outdoors (read more). By preventing temperature differences, you can prevent condensation. Installing a heating system in your garage is one way of doing this, but is a radical and rather expensive solution. Besides, it doesn't offer the extra advantages of a storage system like the Cair-o-Port, such as protection from dust, dirt and falling objects.









Cair-o-Port indoor storage system



The Cair-o-Port is meant to be used inside a garage or storage room for the ultimate protection of your car or motorcycle from:


Falling objects and scratches


The vehicle stands in its own space, protected from falling objects by the sturdy frame and tent





The Cair-o-Port has two (bike size) or three (car sizes) built in fans which maintain a vigorous circulation of air through and around the vehicle. Thanks to this air circulation, the vehicle will always have exactly the same temperature as its immediate environment. Temperature differences are avoided and therefore condensation will not occur (as explained under Fact and Fiction); the vehicle will remain dry.



Dust and dirt


The fans are equipped with dust filters to keep dust out of the Cair-o-Port.



The Cair-o-Port consists of a special tent suspended from an external frame. One short side of the tent has a large door with two vertical zips to drive the vehicle in and out. In addition, the long sides of the tent each have a door with two vertical zips, for easy access to the vehicle at any time. The tent is equipped with built in fans, dust filters and a 12V adaptor.



Advantages of the Cair-o-Port storage system:



your car or bike remains clean and dry

easy to set up (external frame)

low energy consumption (approx. GBP 15 p.a.)

easy to drive in and out

available in various sizes for cars and a special size for motorcycles

your car or bike remains visible

the vehicle is easily accessible via the zip-doors on both long sides

good drying capacity (a wet vehicle will be blown dry inside the Cair-o-Port)

no risk of scratches or dents during storage by passing/falling objects







For more information, prices and delivery please contact the distributor for your region.